Cosey- lined soft knitted headband with inner fleece in red
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Cosey- lined soft knitted headband with inner fleece in red

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Item Description
Comfortable headband
Our headband is lined with soft fleece on the inside and therefore feels very comfortable, furthermore it protects your head from icy cold and wind without affecting your hairstyle.

For cosy warmth not only in winter and on the head
Protects reliably against wind and cold in the cold season, and provides cosy warmth on cold days in spring and autumn. Rely on the warming function of the headband every day, whether you are running, walking or waiting at a draughty bus stop. You can also wear it as a loop scarf to protect your neck from wind.

Optimal fit thanks to stretch
The headband adapts to the shape of your head and convinces with its perfect fit. Ideal for winter sports and leisure activities such as ice skating, snowboarding, snow hiking, skiing, cross-country skiing, cycling.

Product details
head circumference: 46 - 59cm
Material: 100% soft polyacrylic with high wearing comfort without scratching
Care instructions: Hand wash

Get the fashionable accessory for the cold season or make the frostbite among your friends and family a joy with a warming gift.

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