shibby dice board with dice tray and lid for all tabletop games - 23,5cm (red)
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shibby dice board with dice tray and lid for all tabletop games - 23,5cm (red)

Product Attributes:

  • No matter how wild it is, the high edge (4cm) keeps the dice on the table.
  • The soft and hard-wearing velvet floor absorbs noise and protects both the cubes and the table.
  • When not in use, dice can be stashed and presented around the playing surface, ready to hand.
  • In the compact cube tray with lid, all cubes are safely stored even after the game - ideal for travelling
  • Ideal for board games, dice games or role playing games such as DND, RPG or Warhammer with classic or polyhedral dice

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Item Description

For action-packed battles or quiet duels
Whether classic board games or role-playing games, hot dice often land on the floor or figures are cleared. With the shibby dice board this has an end!

The uniquely designed dice arena is the ultimate addition to any tabletop game. Due to its height of 4cm, no more dice jump from the table. The soft velvet floor also cushions dice noise and protects the dice and table from scratches.

Plenty of room for all your dices
The practical storage surface around the octagonal cube surface serves as a handy storage area for your dices. Present a variety of classic dices, polyhedron dices or metal dices until the next use.

Dice also on travels
The underlay guarantees a straight and fall-safe dice surface even when travelling by plane, car or train. Thanks to the lid, the arena and dice can be stowed away quickly and easily at any time.

Unlimited dice fun
The use of high-quality and hard-wearing materials guarantees years of enjoyment of the dice plate. Dirt can be wiped off with a damp cloth. The dice board holds numerous

What makes the dice Arena so special?

  • Octagonal dice surface - unhindered dice throwing for all players
  • Dice without noise
  • Prevents scratches on the table
  • High edge catches all dice
  • With lid for storage
  • Shelf for presentation and storage of cubes
  • Robust and durable materials

product details

  • diameter: 23,5cm
  • Height: 4cm
  • Weight: 463g
  • Colour: red

Scope of delivery
1x play arena
1x cover

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