2 x Galaxy Tab S7 Protection Film clear
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2 x Galaxy Tab S7 Protection Film clear

Product Attributes:

  • 2 x Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 clear Protection Films
  • Optimal accuracy by processing of high-quality materials
  • Protects your Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 effectively against any scratches on the screen
  • Triple-layered Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 protection film
  • 2 free polishing clothes

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Item Description

2 x Protection Film for Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

The protective foil for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 provides almost invisible protection for your smartphone.
Because of the transparency of the foil the presentation is not affected.

The foil is very thin so you will barely notice it on your display. Nevertheless, it protects your Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
against scratches and damages on the display.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 protective foils are manufactured of premium plastics. This provides a crystal
clear surface and a strong scratch resistance.

This foil for your Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 consists of three layers. Two layers are carrier foils which help mounting
the main foil without any blisters. After mounting the foil to your display you are able to remove the foil without
any traces because there are no aggressive adhesives used.

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