Silicone Case for HTC Desire 826 Slimcase gray
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Silicone Case for HTC Desire 826 Slimcase gray

Product Attributes:

  • silicone case for HTC Desire 826 - Slimcase gray
  • optimal fitting accuracy including recesses for all relevant device connectors as well as camera, speaker and microphone
  • excellent protection by the flexible, very durable TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)
  • elegant, eyecatching design

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Item Description
Silicone case for the HTC Desire 826 in Slimcase gray

Fitting Perfectly

This durable silicone case for the HTC Desire 826 protects your smartphone long and reliably. The HTC Desire 826 cover is perfectly tailored to your smartphone. It covers your device accurately, but without rendering its connectors and operating controls (camera, charging cable, headphones, volume control, etc.) inaccessible. This assures optimal use of the smartphone.

Perfect Usability

The HTC Desire 826 case can be put on easily and intuitively. Conversely, the smartphone is uncased quickly without any effort.

Flexible and Reliable

By use of the HTC Desire 826 silicone bumper, your smartphone is well protected from scratches, damages and other external influences. The protection is guaranteed by the TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane). This silicone-like, material is highly resistant to pressure and temperature variation, even under extreme conditions. Its elasticity provides efficient protection against shocks for the device.


The Slimcase for your Desire 826 consists of very thin plastics, which makes the cover barely noticeable.
Despite the thin material your Desire 826 is well protected against damages.

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