1 x clear foil set for Samsung Galaxy A5 (A500) purple
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1 x clear foil set for Samsung Galaxy A5 (A500) purple

Product Attributes:

  • 1 x set of clear foils for Samsung Galaxy A5 (A500)
  • effective protection against scratches
  • easy to attach, and removable without residues
  • all notches for the camera, speaker and ports are fitted optimal for your Samsung Galaxy A5 (A500)

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H-Artikelnummer: Galaxy A5
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Item Description

Are you tired of having a smartphone which looks like all other smartphones?! Emblaze your smartphone
with an absolutely cool and unique look with our clear foils.

They have two functions. First of all, they protect the body of your Samsung Galaxy A5 (A500). Secondly, they give your
Samsung Galaxy A5 (A500) a fascinating look. ybr>
The set consist of individual adhesive tapes for the front, the side and the back of your Samsung Galaxy A5 (A500). In
that way you can be sure, that the glitter foil is attached to your smartphone without leaving any disturbing
bumps. Of course, your camera, speaker and any other notches of your Samsung Galaxy A5 (A500) remain fully functional.

It is your personal choice! Regardless of attaching all or only some parts of the foils, you can choose how you
like to design your Samsung Galaxy A5 (A500). Make your smartphone to a real unique!

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